Reflections on Blogging

Initially, when I revealed to friends about the existence of this blog, the common reaction involves two questions – What are you planning to do with it? and Why are you doing it for?. And quite honestly, my response to these questions is ‘Nothing’ and ‘For fun’. Now, after one year of updating this blog, I wonder of its significance to me and whether I should reflect on these two questions deeper.

From my very first post on The Beginnings, I was quite clearly motivated to start an individual exercise of sharing and introspection. The past decade was very much one of moving from country to country, career highs and lows, expanding my social network, getting married and bereavement. I’d accumulated something I never had before – a full life of my own, and I wanted to make sense of it, visually and thoughtfully. That was the extent of my intention and hope from this blog.

As I expected, initially, I couldn’t get enough of unleashing all that had been stored inside me both metaphorically and literally. Travel photos, private reflections, professional anecdotes all came tumbling down onto this WordPress. It felt natural and authentic, and I found myself enriched by this outlet. When the spillage dried out, I found myself forcing life observations out. There was a brief time when I felt I was experiencing life in order to upload onto this blog instead of the reverse, which disconcerted me. We are after all supposed to blog about life, not live to blog. So I took a step back and decided to type down my thoughts only when the desire called out to me, such as now, coming to a full year of keeping up with this practice, and so close to a landmark birthday.

What I think appeals to me most about blogging is putting a shape to your internal process and the cathartic release such a process offers. One of the more prominent aspects of life since my late 20s has been the humanitarian industry in which I’ve been engaged in. It’s been many years of navigating through uncomfortable juxtapositions in this modern age – that of being confronted, eyeball to eyeball, with persons of extreme deprivation, and one of watching the excesses of first-world capitalism displayed on social media. There were many tidbits of unresolved dilemmas that stuck in the lining of my memories, and blogging has been a healthy experience of decongestion and in some way, helping me develop a roadmap for a future me.

And so, I guess today, in answering the question of what am I planning to do with it and why I am doing it, I would say that I am planning to keep recording all that is meaningful to me in this online space as a way to keep me connected to my ideal life.





8 thoughts on “Reflections on Blogging

  1. Good! I was afraid you were going to say you’d decided to stop. Whenever I read about being “successful” at blogging (in whatever terms that means to you), one thing is always true: you have to love doing it. If not, there’s no reason to do it at all. I personally love blogging and hope to continue for many more years. I hope you do, too. Happy Blog-iversary!

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    1. Aww you are so sweet, thank you. I definitely hope you do too as I intend to use it as my guide book whenever I visit the places you have 🤣 It’s true, I enjoy it mainly for ‘release’ and nothing further than that. May we continue this personal passion!


  2. Very eloquently written. I especially liked “a full life of my own – and I wanted to make sense of it, visually and thoughtfully.” That, on its own, is a great reason to have a blog.

    The excesses of first-world capitalism versus extreme deprivation. This must be difficult to digest.

    I am often disconcerted to read certain blogs (some from friends and acquaintances) which are so self-absorbed and narcissistic, that I wonder if they’re aware of the world around them.
    In any case, your photos and thoughtful musings are stimulating to read, so I’m glad to read that you will continue. Happy one-year anniversary!

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    1. Gosh thank you so much for always being so encouraging and supportive of my journey here and thanks for the anniversary wishes! The dichotomies of the underprivileged and overprivileged is definitely harder to ignore in this world of social media isn’t it? Im still trying to work through it all and it great to have this space to share with like minded ones like yourself 💜


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