Reflections on the Beginnings


I am plunging into this without a clear direction of where it will end, but with a hope that I can express a collection of authentic experiences and reflections that could be of some value to people. Writing used to be a childhood companion but at some point, we lost the need for each other. Reflection made me too internalised and I wanted to openly manifest a life experience, and not swallow it into a page of a forgotten book.  The notion of recording my life experiences, positively mundane for some and a tiny bit exotic for others, always followed me but my above described resistance to journal writing got in the way. If writing provided me escapism in my youth, I was dying to be free from my escapism by late adulthood.

When I stumbled onto a life path of work that engaged me spiritually and intellectually, I began to slowly get comfortable with the purpose of my existence. This was a about ten years ago.  In that decade, I lived in various parts of the world, got married to my love and accumulated humbling life experiences. Some experiences choked me with melancholia, some inspired me to be a fuller version of myself and others spanned from dull bereavement to the ecstasy of a redefining soul-love. All of it are lessons. I haven’t been seized by an epiphany of wisdom that someone else hasn’t already discovered but I do believe that we can all benefit from understanding each other’s journey more. And so the purpose of this space is to reflect positively on life’s lessons, and share what I have found to be meaningful in life, with others. If that sounds too grand, it probably is and probably also a little bit dishonest.

More realistically, a big part of the blog will also be filled with trivial anecdotes on travel, aesthetic pleasures via photography and home interiors. Life reflections are great but I think most of us agree that one still needs to be visually seduced without the responsibility of thought.

Join me in this journey of being human 😁

And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself — Rumi12238468_924794650938655_4191847530691306384_o


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