About Me


I still haven’t quite understood what compelled me to start a blog but ultimately I am hoping to communicate and evolve with others of a similar ilk. My husband and I have lived for significant periods in about 9 different countries and visited multiple others, together and separately. While we are miles and miles away from being the Battuta-esque insta-famous travel bloggers of this generation, certain life choices have allowed us to sample the various lenses of being human. Throughout these patterns of wandering, I continue to be intoxicated by charming aesthetics, energised by our travel discoveries and intrigued by the human condition. Underlying it all, of course, is our search for the higher self as we fulfil our purposes of being here.

Browse through my Reflections if you are interested to read of my pontifications of past and present experiences, my Aesthetics if you are allergic to words and would much prefer to be visually updated and my Travel Anecdotes if you are planning a trip somewhere I have been to and want to hear my take on it. If you prefer to elect your reading by scanning through a Table of Topics, then hop onto my Contents page. If we must succumb to internet addiction, let’s do it in an organised fashion. And finally, if blogging is not your kind of party, then follow me on my Instagram page for my postings.

Unless otherwise described, all the content and photographs are my own. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form of this blog is prohibited unless permission is sought from me and the blog is acknowledged as the source of the material.