Travel Anecdotes – Angsana Lang Co

I was first introduced to the Angsana brand in the Maldives and was really impressed. It’s the younger sister to Banyan Tree so think what Miu Miu is to Prada or what DKNY is to Donna Karan – affordable luxe. When we were planning to go for our end of year retreat  to Vietnam in 2014, I searched online to find a decent place to stay that was neither insanely expensive or too basic as a mid-way stop between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. This was supposed to be our ‘resting’ intermission after the hectic north and before we head off to the equally buzzing south. When I chanced upon Angsana in Lang Co, I was excited. They were offering a package that included complementary massages for 2 per night and access to the golf course. The hotel also offered a complementary pick-up from the airport, and complementary excursions to Hue, My Son and Hoi An in their private bus (which has FREE WiFi). These goodies, in addition to the fact that I trusted the credibility of the Angsana brand, secured our reservations almost immediately and until today, I still recommend friends to come here.

Stillness in the air

Lang Co is a seaside town in the mid-East of Vietnam, and north of Da Nang International Airport which is the closest airport. It is a sleepy fishing locality and the terrain is dotted with the impressive Troung mountains and a serene lagoon. It has a beautifully haunting touch in its energy but not in a dejected way. To me this photo (yes my husband took it) is one of my main memories of its ambiance.


The Angsana Experience

When we arrived at Danang International Airport (we flew from Hanoi), Angsana representatives received us at the arrival hall and drove us to the hotel, which is about 51 kilometres up north. Owing to the speed limit in place, it took us more than one hour to arrive. The hotel’s property is pretty enormous. They have various accommodation options most of which faces the South China Sea, various pools, a golf course and also an impressive dining selection. It is also connected to the nearby Banyan Tree via a canal which we visited but did not stay at (maybe for a significant anniversary?).

The one thing we notice about the Angsana experience is that it is usually on the ‘chain’ side (they don’t really specialise in cute, niche, boutique) it still doesn’t let go of the personal touch. Service tends to usually be very warm and attentive and check in hospitality was great and smooth. We took on a Premier room which comprised of a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, a kitchenette and a private pool overlooking the sea. Every day, we receive cute Vietnamese souvenirs at turndown. The bathroom had ample space with two vanity units.


Our mistake was to book a vacation there in December so the weather was on the cold side and not super breach friendly. In fact the red flag was up and no swimming was allowed as the water did look quite volatile. We tried to have a dip in the pool but it was on the cold side so we didn’t last long. Indeed, lesson learnt, but still it did not hamper the whole Angsana experience because we had spa treatments every day, ate a lot and visited Hoi An (about 2 hours bus ride) via the hotel’s complementary tour.

The spa treatments were very good. We had one hour aromatherapy massages every evening and the masseuse are well trained in addressing my tension spots. If there is a spa package still on offer at the Angsana, I really highly recommend it.

Rice Bowl

We had dinner at the Rice Bowl which was good (not phenomenal). The menu was based on an Indo-China-Thai theme and the dishes were categorised into countries. When we compare the food we had at Hoi An at the Green Market, we realise that as decent as the Rice Bowl was, hotel dining options are still not able to match what is authentic on the outside. It is a beautifully designed dining space though and if you enjoy being in that kind of outfit, then you should definitely still give it a shot if you are already staying at the hotel. If you observe dietary restrictions (Halal) then I would suggest you stick to vegetarian options of which there are many in this part of the world. That was what we did (occasionally having seafood) and we really didn’t feel like we missed out.



Angsana Lang Co is a wonderful place to stay as a couple or with family as there are many family orientated accommodation and activities on offer at the property. The hotel can handle daily excursions to historic and beautiful places within 3 hours from the property so you won’t feel trapped in the rather desolate town of Lang Co. They also often have various kinds of packages on offer so if you are interested, do be on the lookout for it before booking in advance because it really is value for money. Definitely one of our favourite memories of Vietnam!


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