Travel Anecdotes – La Villa Bleu, Tunis

La Villa Bleu was captivating in a way that a St. Regis could never understand. Drenched in originality, covered with the most charismatic patina and perched over Mediterranean mysteries. My only regret was staying here for only two nights. It was dreamy, romantic, unique, melancholic. Here, I had cigarettes over coffee, washed my gaze with the sweet blue ocean, enjoyed a long massage and ate succulent seafood in a glass-walled restaurant while local drumbeats thumped by the beach.

The hotel is perched in the heart of Sidi Bou Said, one of the most ubiquitous faces of Tunis. The taxi will take you higher up the hill, passing through narrows streets peppered with atmospheric cafes of white washed walls, stone pavements, ornate wooden doors and bright blue roofs, before coming upon the door of the villa. It’s as boutique as boutique can be, with a giant chandelier overseeing a delectable little foyer, each room was individually designed and burrowed in cavernous spaces between different staircases. Many rooms have a view of the Mediterranean ocean, and breakfast can be eaten on the cozily decked out main living room and balcony, or served in your room if you don’t fancy being out.

It was the last place I stayed at in a short work mission in Tunis, and definitely a place I’d not only recommend, but also sealed my desire to one day come back here, and spend many more days of discovery. Some places just stay in your pores a little stronger, a little longer and La Ville Bleu in Sidi Bou Said for me, was definitely one of those places.

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