Aesthetics – Facade of Sidi Bou Said

There are times when I wonder if social media travellers have spoilt the fun for us. I imagine that if I stumbled upon Sidi Bou Said without having a strong impression of its instagram imagery beforehand, I would have fallen more deeply in love. However, having known what it looked like before seeing it live, the visit pretty much felt like a visual confirmation and less of a discovery. Still, individual perception aside, this little cliff corner north of Tunis is an unmissable aesthetic gem. The North African version of Santorini-esque colours- white washed walls juxtaposed with bright blue doors and accents – is just super pretty and romantic. Tunisia was unfortunately a very short trip which was primarily work based, but in the few hours available, I tried to record what I could through my phone. Enjoy this little flavour for now…

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