Travel Anecdotes – St Regis, Saadiyat Island

It was the beginning of a hot gulf summer, and we decided to take a short weekend trip to Saadiyat Island from Dubai. The selection criteria were – outside of Dubai but within less than 2 hours from Dubai, a hotel on a beach, and preferably a Marriot Bonvoy property so I could collect some points. Voila, St Regis Saadiyat Island met all three conditions. It was a solid choice, and we had fun. The main principle when it comes to these chain hotels is to not expect anything unique, local, artistic and bohemian. It is what it is – incredibly opulent, spotless, and well equipped.

The notable aspects of the hotel were the exquisitely clean beach which made for beautiful views from the room, an expansive gym which was more like a country club facility, the multiple swimming pools to suit all preferences, and the delightful offerings at the seaside Buddha Bar restaurant. Special mention goes to their extended breakfast buffet hours, which start at 7 a.m and keeps going till 12 pm, which is a treat for late risers of amongst us (guilty). Across from the hotel and part of its complex property was also a supermarket and some shopping for beachwear. All in all, we had a good time. We would recommend it for those who live in the UAE and who are looking for a couple of days of a perfect, Emirati, five star beach getaway.

The overbearing entrance
Lobby centrepiece
Huge floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Persian gulf, and where breakfast buffets are set up
Corner details
Some imposing art over raw polished wood
Many windows capture the bright blue waters
Including our bathroom window

Speaking of bathrooms, we liked ours!
Cute ladies icon
The gym which has a massive lap pool
More gym equipment which went way and above standard hotel options
And a studio for yoga/ pilates
One of the multiple pool areas in the hotel premise
Of hamam-ish design
Feline dreams
Stunning sunsets
Clean sand and clean waters- a pretty strong current in late May
A last beach walk
Sunrise from our room
A beautiful composition of nature
Last day luck- spotting an nibbling onyx
Last view before parting ways

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