Travel Anecdotes – Hot Yoga in Dubai Marina

Hot yoga has been around since the 70s but it only slipped into my radar about a decade ago. Friends who have tried said it was satisfying to perspire that much, but no one could really confirm if it had added health benefits to other forms of yoga. Still, the novelty factor got me intrigued and lately I had been under the impression that I was fit enough to give it a shot. It was a deluded one, I soon realised, but the thrill of trying a new interesting class in a new environment and this time in a new city was irresistible. I booked myself two types of Hot Yoga classes at DYRP Yoga (catchline being Hub of Sweat) through my ClassPass app (an app which introduced me to my phenomenal barre teacher in KL, and which I’m hoping to put to good use throughout my travels in the upcoming months) and braved myself on two non-work mornings to get comfortable in uncomfortable positions.

DRYP Yoga studio

The studio is located Orra Tower in Dubai Marina, which is about 1.3 km away from Dubai Marina Mall. It’s easy to get through various ways – I was based in The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence and it was a less than a 10-minute walk from my Airbnb. It’s a 20-minute walk from the DMCC Metro for those who live in Jumeirah Lake Towers. Of course in the summer months, Dubai gets very hot and touches 40+ degrees so lashings of sunscreen and a sunhat would serve you well in these short walks.

The studio itself, as with most things in the city, ran like a well-oiled machine. It’s not particularly plush or fancy, no great view of the marina or beach etc but it felt efficient and precise and there was sufficient space for its purpose. The reception faces you the minute you enter and newbies are given a basic biodata form to complete, to convey which classes you are taking, any specific health concerns etc. You get a locker, a towel, and yoga mats are also provided should you not have one. They sell yoga outfits, healthy food and drinks near the counter. The locker room has all that you need if you plan to go to work/ head for another appointment after – showers, lavatories, hair dryers and even a hot iron curler.

The Yoga Sculpt class was the first class I took on a Saturday morning at 10.30 am and much much tougher than I thought. The first half-hour of Yoga Sculpt was the more traditional yoga poses – (chair, downward dog, warrior poses, triangle, different types of side planks) but with some element of ‘aggression’ and repetition. For instance, when we got into downward dog, our instructor Bernadette got us to lift both one leg and arm high off the ground so we are essentially loading all our weight on our core, one leg and one arm. And then we would have to keep pushing the levitating knee to our chest, then back high up to the ceilings, over and over again. I did not do well in these more advanced level poses. When the first half-hour ended and I was perspiring like a waterfall, Bernadette announced that our ‘warm up’ was complete and my heart sank knowing what was to come would be even more demanding. Indeed, we then moved on to the higher intensity strength training part of the class with dumbells and thigh bands. These movements had a more Pilates-HIIT vibe to them with squats, glute bridges, star jumps etc. Admittedly by this point, I was mainly putting in 50% of the effort and in some cases couldn’t quite complete the movements or didn’t try at all. The room was on 40% degrees heat and heart rates were soaring to 180 bpm. It’s critical that we drink enough water throughout the class because there were moments when I thought I would pass out (memories of my last fainting episode in a yoga retreat came rushing back).

The next class I signed up for the following week was an 8.30 am Wednesday Vinyasa class with Dionne. This was more bearable as the notion was about keeping with the flow of the movements, staying inside the movement, and maintaining balance and flexibility. I found Dionne’s yoga narrative also very soothing – a calm voice in the morning that persuades us to connect with our consciousness, mindfulness and inner fortitude. While I still couldn’t follow through with 100% of the movements, I was panting less and staying as strong and balanced as I possibly could. It was a class that left me reinvigorated and peaceful by the end of the hour.

For both classes, I would say that one of the things that they could have incorporated which would have been helpful was to provide an option for beginners or those with injuries etc a modified version for the more difficult poses. A reminder of which part of the body should feel the engagement could also help students have a sense of how to maximise the pose or movement. If the class wasn’t so full, it would be great too if the instructors could take more time to connect with the students and check in on their moves to ensure that they were doing it the right way.

Apart from that, it was a really positive experience. It dawned on me finally, how fitness and wellness is a very special way to connect to a community. There were friendly faces from instructors and learners alike and through striking up a few conversations, you feel welcomed into a network of people who are looking to improve themselves and build each other up. I’m still not sure if Hot Yoga actually burns much more calories than other yoga or Pilates classes. According to my apple watch, both classes burnt about 300+ calories so not that different to my usual Pilates class which closes with 8 minutes of HIIT. But I did perspire a lot more than I would have in my usual Pilates class or a long walk, and that in itself gave me a great feeling of having flushed away a lot of toxins. I also thought that it gave my skin a warm healthy glow (or so I’d like to believe) and as I tucked into lemon and strawberry infused water after class, followed by a hot cup of latte, the endorphins that flowed through my pores were hard to beat. If you are into trying out a more challenging form of yoga, then DRYP is highly recommended.

(First Cover image from Pexels)

The facade
Health smoothies- Pina Colada is highly recommended
Changing room
Part of the reception
First class nerves

5 thoughts on “Travel Anecdotes – Hot Yoga in Dubai Marina

  1. Hi my lovely, it was so fun and insightful to read up on one of your latest adventures here! Love that you are out and about again and trying different
    bites of life’s neverending menu of exciting options!! How long were or are you in Dubai for? I only stayed there for 3 days or so some years back, but I
    still remember how very safe I felt in the city, and just a really lovely overall vibe. And where are your travels taking you next? Exciting times! So happy for you
    dear!! As a trained Yoga teacher with 20 years of so of my own Yoga practice now, it was so interesting to read about your experiences. Do take good care of yourself lovely,
    your body and intuition will be your best guides as especially in Gym type environments, instructors do not pay (enough, in my perception) attention to individual students, as you rightly pointed out in your post… I love Yoga in the tradition of Tirumalai Krishnamacharya where the individual student gets much more specialized attention – more loving, in my perception. AND am so glad to hear you still enjoyed yourself and loved how you pointed out how Yoga classes etc can be a wonderful gateway to finding likeminded people, I so agree with that. Brings back memories of my beloved time in Bali:) I am sending you so much love and big warm hugs dear! Looking forward to updating each other soon! muak xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww thank you sweetheart.. I forget you are a yoga teacher and I feel abit shy that you read my super ignorant post about it haha… it is super impressive that you have done it for 20 years and will certainly read more about Tirumalai Krishnamacharya yoga! I haven’t done yoga seriously for so long before these classes so I am terribly rusty in form and knowledge (did not have so much of either even when I was doing jt more regularly haha)

      Dubai is great, have been there for almost two months… I am now in Tunisia for a short work trip and returning to Dubai soon… it is a very safe city indeed and I had an incredible time meeting up with old dear friends 🌺 I hope you will have a special weekend my dearest 💕💕💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi my gorgeous, please excuse the delayed response, the last months have been wildfire-internetstalker-intense, haha . How cool that you got to spend 2 months in Dubai, are you still there now? And Tunisia must have been exciting, too!! I sent you an invite to my blog the other day, had to set it on “private” for a bit, I hope you received it:) So much love and big hugs, lovely soul!!💕💕💕💕💕💕

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  2. I love the line “… to get comfortable in uncomfortable positions” 🙂 There is something special about how fitness and wellness can sweep into all other areas of life, and if there is a type of exercise I’d like to become a part of my routine, yoga would be it. Enjoyed this write up very much, although it did make me understand I would need a basic course and jumping into anything but would be painful (in addition to embarassing!) ~ then again with the pina colada in the cooler, I think I could suffer through any embarrassment 🙂
    Enjoy the weekend!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts, it was so lovely to hear from you!! I love this line re comfort too, this is something I am learning alot in yoga and pilates class and a line my barre teacher often tells me, I feel it resonates so much with professional and personal life too!! I do recommend either yoga or pilates, so much of it is mental endurance too which strengthens us overall I think… maybe you can get private teachers first before trying a large class (like I overconfidently did in this class 😂)…. wishing you luck and looking forward to read more of your posts!!

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