Reflections on Fallen Angels

For some, so much of life has been about the deifying of another. Whether it’s parental deference, or how we elevate our life partner. It is inevitable that as life adds day to day, and we move through it all in close intimacy with our loved ones, realities emerge. I heard a saying once about how the humanity of those whom we adulate wounds us. And it made me realise that this is one of life’s bigger lessons recently. When we become touched by the fact that those we hold dear in our lives have flaws, weaknesses and failures, the instinct can come in huge waves of disappointment and denials. But when taking a step back, it’s clear that so much of our life perceptions are about our own projections. We project certain virtues and characteristics on those we love because we want to have closeness with those traits ourselves. And when those illusions begin to unpeel itself in the natural way that nobody and nothing in life is infallible, we feel that something has been taken away from us. In fact nothing has been taken away from us – an opportunity has in fact presented it self upon us to actually embody the goodness we wanted to have proximity with. I was listening to a podcast the other day where the discussion was about the various ‘archetypes’ in human behaviour. And one of them was the Princess, the entitled fantasist who wanted to be saved. The Princess spends a lot of time waiting for the world to become a Disney movie, and descends into bitter frustration when it doesn’t. An example of that is how she created an unattainable list that her life partner should be. He needed to be and have everything she admired – spirituality with freedom, stoicism with sensitivity, humility with confidence, depth with lightness, money without greed, success without superficiality. But ultimately, what she always wanted is to epitomise those attributes herself, and her main life challenge would be to manifest those aspirations on her own. It seems pretty obvious I suppose. But sometimes, it takes a fallen angel to actually enable the obvious to creep into one’s pores.

13 thoughts on “Reflections on Fallen Angels

  1. That’s a big word: adulate. We need to be careful as to who or what we adulate and why. I guess what humans need is a mirror. And the courage to look into it. We need to look deep into ourselves first, because that’s where it all begins, don’t you think?

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  2. Hello lovely, this is a fantastic and thought-provoking piece of writing, thank you so much for this! I really enjoy your reflections here and they really resonate with me, as i am quite a natural when it comes to idealizing others, haha. Yep, with age comes insight into our all imperfection, and i believe the journey of true love only begins once we allow ourselves to fall in love with our own and other’s imperfections… maybe? Big hug and have a great rest to your week ❤️

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    1. Mein freund I have missed you. Hope you’ve been well my dear! Thanks for sharing your insights- you’re right I think we have similar tendencies for sure… and so much of life is about working on our capacity for growth and achieving our highest self…. Big hugs my dear and looking forward for your next post! 💕

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      1. Hallo meine Freundin, you are so sweet. Just going through some stuff these weeks, intense year! Plus my laptop broke. But will be posting again soon:) I so agree with you on your statement here – yes its about growing and living in true expression of our highest self, from my perception too 🙂 Sending warm hugs, have a great start to your week lovely!💕

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      2. I didnt realise I didnt respond to this- sorry about your laptop breaking 😔😔😔 Hope its been resolved and yes its been quite a challenging year! We’ve all had out private wars.. may we all get to a better place next year collectively

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      3. No worries at all, lovely! Yep my laptop is safe and sound back with me haha:) Yes I agree with you…I consider myself quite an upbeat and optimistic person, but even being that way,,, what a year indeed. Yes, may peace, love, and joy prevail individually and collectively. Much love your way!


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