Aesthetics – Beach Days

This year, life was about being indoors. I didn’t realise how much I needed to get physically connected to nature again until we had a very quick beach get away recently. For various reasons, it came at a time I needed it the most, and I just sank in the experience with much gratitude. I was magnetised by every grain of sand and ripple of the water, trying to implant all of its visual aspect into my memory bank so as to sustain the remaining period that our days will continue to be in relative seclusion… here are some photos of our weekend trip away recently to the coastal town of Desaru. A little preliminary warning that it may get somewhat repetitive, but it was hard to choose which should make it for the final cut.

Morning sunrise
Footsteps denting the send
Cloud formations as the sun kept surging higher
Sturdy, South China Sea waves
Love this part of the beach – how the foam of the water glides over the powder of the sand
That family moment between breakfast and lunch, and everyone comes out to play
Calm and tranquil
An arc in movement
Hot beige sand, washed over by various aquas
More of the same
As the day moves away from the afternoon, the water gets a little darker
Heavier clouds
Standstill of serenity

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