Travel Anecdotes – Super Saigon, Bangsar

We came here on a whim one evening and kind of liked the cosy setting and simple food. Then we came again with my mother-in-law who is pretty much vegetarian and allergic to a whole host of food groups but managed to heartily tuck in all the different dishes. We concluded that this place was a gem for healthy and tasty soups and salads, even for the most sensitive.  Check out their website here and consider dropping by if you’re in the neighbourhood and in the mood for clean, comfort food. 


Vegetarian stir fry

Vegetarian Bun Cha

         Cute serving bowls

Bean sprouts to add on to the vegetarian pho
Vegetarian Pho
Small and cozy set-up
Cute catchphrase in their feature wall 

10 thoughts on “Travel Anecdotes – Super Saigon, Bangsar

  1. Hello my lovely, love the pictures, look of the restaurant (super-cute!!!) and THAT FOOD. OMG this looks totally up my alley. I so want to eat great Asian food in South-East-Asia again!!! Thank you for taking me along on this delicous journey!! I hope you are having a wonderful week over there gorgeous. Big hugs 🤗💕

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    1. Next time you are here I’ll help you come up with a dining repertoire… eating out is a weekly adventure for us with the lockdown… and now the weekend is about to start and I’m craving pad Thai noodles.. I love too much carbs sadly… which reminds me of the most delicious black squid paella I ever tasted in my life was in Barcelona….sigh… amazing how delicious food stays in our memory even years after we have consumed it right!! have a super weekend my lovely..Hugs 💕

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      1. Oh that sounds so super inviting!! Maybe I can stop over in KL next time I head Down Under… let´s see:) Might still take some time, but would be cool for sure! Creating great memories around food experiences is one of my fav things to do, too! I was also literally just reminiscing about a dish I cooked a decade ago! lol lol lol. Enjoy your weekend with stunning pad Thai noodles all around! Hugs 💕💕💕

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    1. I totally share your love for Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese food too…for me, I like everything Asian, starting from Pakistan to Japan 😂 or maybe I just like food.. Vietnamese food I enjoy also because it just tastes so wholesome and healthy but still somehow yummmm 🥰


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