Reflections on Possessions

Certain world events have made me question our need to have things. When hearing about those who have lost their material belongings during the Beirut blasts, I stopped and wondered about our quest for ownership in this world. Concepts like possessing, having, and accumulating belongings repelled me with a little more intensity. Where does it all go, eventually? The war between a bourgeoise’s lust for aesthetic luxuries and an ascetic’s aspiration for minimalist living rages on inside me, but a clear winner is beginning to emerge these days. As we get older, we value relationships, generosity, kindness and community, and it is the memories of these experiences that keep us rich inside, not our possessions. Why has society put so much value on having and less on being, one wonders? In half a second, it can all disintegrate and all you really want to know is if your loved ones made it alive, and safe. Profoundly grateful that those we know and love living in Beirut, remain intact, some marginally more than others. Heartfelt condolences for those who were less lucky.

There’s not much I can add about what happened in Beirut that hasn’t already been said and dissected by countless other media pundits, social observers, political commentators et al. A prayer for the beautiful people of a magnificent city, who deserve so much more than all that they have endured in these decades of turbulence. For those who want to help, you can go to ICRC’s website here

Meanwhile, reading this piece about what the displaced do for the displaced, might help remind us again of what it means, to live with some meaning.



17 thoughts on “Reflections on Possessions

  1. So, so true … and well written. As you say – Where does it all go, eventually?

    This greedy grasping accumulative materialistic society that we live in. We fill our homes and our lives with material possessions … but it can still feel empty. Sometimes I think that that’s one of the reasons why people buy so much: to fill their empty lives. Other reasons are to impress people, keep up with the neighbors, status symbols … ach, so tiresome. It’s just boring. I’d rather live in a tree house and be close to nature.

    Thanks so much for this edifying piece.

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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments… I’m with you about wanting to eventually just give it all up and relocate to the tree house. There is so much pretence to modern life sometimes and when events like this happens it strips it all away from us and makes us want to live with a little more honesty… thanks for reading dear Juliet.. lets hope for better days ahead!

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  2. Oh, I forgot to mention: I passed on the link you provided (ICRC) to my Lebanese friends and to others to send a donation. I will now read the Newsweek article.

    Have a good Sunday.

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    1. Hey Juliet thank you so much for passing it on. I desperately hope Lebanon gets all the help they need from the world. I hope you enjoyed the Newsweek article about how refugees were quick to help the local population. Hope you had a great weekend and an even better week 💚🙏🏼


      1. Ohhh divine divine divine… hope we get to see pictures soon, Ive never been and have wanted to go for a long time but just never made it… when Covid is all over I probably need to do six months of traveling to make up for it 😂😂😂😂and Porto is definitely in the top 5… have a blast there Juliet…


  3. Dear amiga, oh I loved this and I truly echo your sentiments here. I´ve always thought – when we die, what do we take with us? Definitely not our possessions! Love, kindness, and compassion are so much more important…infinitely more important, and to care for one another with an open heart (as much as possible)… you have expressed this so beautifully! Glad your friends are ok. I love beautiful things/aesthetics, architecture, art pieces etc, though, too, just like you do… I guess as long as we don´t put a higher value on possessions than love etc, and just enjoy them without too much attachment and aren´t greedy about them, its all good. What do you reckon? Big hugs!! 💖

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    1. Thanks my dearest for your warm thoughts as always… I think what you said is the key…. to not place a higher value on things… I do get abit lost in consumption though, and fluctuate between living a life of want or need… when recalling the best of my life experiences though it was usually during a time when I had less wants and just lived for good experiences…. the balance is a precarious one! Big love for now though and hope you’ll have another fantastic week in sunny Marbeilla 🥰

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      1. My absolute pleasure, my lovely. I totally feel you..I mean I reckon we are both idealists, and we are also still human, lol.. also natural to have some wants and enjoy the material pleasures of life… guess it all comes back to balance right! Yesss I am so with you on great experiences being the raw material of live´s best moments!! And on freedom, and feeling free to just be, and to experience the moment with no worries or attachments. Sigh! Lol. Big love right back at you, gorgeous. Enjoy your week, sending hugs 🙂 🥰

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      2. Awww you are so sweet!! Thank you so much for this!! I am really happy about it, too 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend, charming lady! Enjoy Malaysia´s fab food for me please 🙂 Hugs hugs 🤗🤗🤗

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