Aesthetics – A walk through Hoi An

Vietnam was in general, a very engaging introduction to the Indo-China world. We visited in December 2014, as we were about to wrap up our first year in Bangkok. We started from Hanoi and stopped by Lang Co and Hoi An before moving to Ho Chi Minh. I would say Hoi An was, as many have said, the most attractive city we experienced in the country. It’s the postcard expectation everyone has of Hoi An and didn’t disappoint. We only had a few hours there so didn’t feel like we managed to really enjoy and relish every moment of it. Still, it was visually arresting and unique with the ancient architectural influences plus the vast array of lanterns and boats in the evening peppered throughout. Felt festive and merry, and we had gorgeous Vietnamese food there with lots of shopping options that are again, unique to Hoi An (silk lanterns and custom-made outfits in a variety of fabric options). During these Covid days, I long to travel again and wish I could return here for an extended weekend.



15 thoughts on “Aesthetics – A walk through Hoi An

  1. Oh, how lovely! Hoi Ann looks like it definitely needs to be added to my bucket list. What a charming, romantic, nostalgic and enticing vibe I am getting through your beautiful photos and words! Funny thing, I had once planned to travel Vietnam and even had the visa organized, but then Thailand lured me in and there was no time left to travel further… thanks for inspiring me to dream! Blessings:)

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    1. Oh thank you so much for your comments! Indeed please come and visit the three super interesting countries Vietnam Cambodia and Laos. I actually find these three countries so much more beautiful fascinating and authentic than Thailand… you wont regret giving it a try!

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      1. My pleasure! Are you based in South Eastern Asia, if you don’t mind me asking? If so, what a wonderful region of the world to live in. Your answer definitely intrigues me, I would love to visit Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos in the future. I did love Thailand and I am sure the other three countries are also super intriguing! Maybe less touristy, too, right… Thank you for your lovely answer! Blessings from Spain, Maria Elena

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      2. Yes indeed am from Malaysia and lived between Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia since 2014. Managed to explore neighbouring countries which were amazing! You are right Thailand is wonderful, I think we just found it abit touristy compared to other parts but there are many upsides about living there too. Do come over this side of the world again… and I would love to further explore your region too… Barcelona is one of my favourite cities and Andalusia region is just extraordinarily beautiful!!! We have been eyeing your neighbour Portugal so hopefully will get there one day… big hugs for now!

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      3. That sounds so exciting! I have visited KL and Malacca in the past, but there´s so much more to see, am especially intrigued about the Cameron Highlights and, of course, Borneo! Yes I would totally love to come over again to your side of the world in the future! And I hope you´ll get to visit around here soon, too. Barcelona is very special, you are right, and yes, Andalusia is a treasure chest of magical cultural and natural experiences. Wow, what an amazingly beautiful world we live in, right! Big hugs:)

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      4. I will eagerly await your visit if you ever get to make it here 😊 KL and Malacca is totally not enough.. there are pristine beaches on the east coast like Redang Island and Lang Tengah… the rainforests of Borneo are pretty spectacular too… overall you are too right when you say the world is just stunning and cant wait to keep exploring it all… Big hugs from this part of the world 🥰

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      5. That is so sweet, thank you so much!! 🥰 Would be very cool to travel there and meet up in the future:) Fingers crossed!! I do very longingly think back of SEAsia…sigh. Do also keep me posted as to your possible Portuguese/ Southern European travel adventures please 😊 Big hugs back to you from summery Spain 🥰

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