Reflections on What Life Isn’t

When life fundamentally does not manifest itself to be the image you had in your head the journey is very much about shifting to accommodate your new reality. The answer is to not resist. Embrace, do all that you can to elevate the status quo to what you want it to be and accept that whatever the outcome that flows from our valiant efforts is a destiny that is meant to be. It is the latter which often provokes some challenge. How does one balance between exerting all of one’s effort and investment into positive change while simultaneously letting go to fully succumb to the power of one’s fate? In the passion of chasing for one’s dreams and desires, it is usually the longing for the goal which inspires us. The dichotomy of chasing for a specific goal, while radiating with contentment at the idea that the end result may not match the specific goal we are chasing can turn one’s heart a little weary. With the luxury of hindsight, of course, all that has happened in our past made absolute sense in that flawed but beautifully symmetrical way that our life paths often are.

These were the thoughts swirling in my morning walk recently as I listened to the vintage ‘Shape of My Heart’ by Sting. Those words ‘He deals the cards to find the answer, the sacred geometry of chance, the hidden law of a probable outcome’ was a wisdom that followed for awhile. Who writes lyrically exquisite prose like that anymore?