Aesthetics – Goodearth Homewares


I first locked eyes with this beautiful homewares store a decade ago, circa 2010, in Khan Market, New Delhi. Back then it was a place to get a few gifts for family at home. After that, life took me away from this paradise until 2014, when I first visited Bombay and was taken to Goodearth’s flagship store. It’s buried in Raghuvanshi Mills in Lower Parel, two blocks from the ubiquitous Palladium Mall. Not only does it offer three-floors worth of beautiful treasures, but I come also to admire the window displays. Cushion covers, lanterns, an immaculate collection of dinnerware, clothes, skincare, coffee table books. Each piece illustrates a story of Indian civilisation and visually captivates your imagination. When I read about the founder, Anita Lal’s vision, I felt even more protective of these types of business which aims to express an exquisite history, not just to line their pockets. The company apparently didn’t make a profit for over a decade, as she refused to compromise on quality. Her approach to design was to embrace local artisans and stay with their pace. Not every entrepreneur could afford that time and money, clearly, but the result is my trust in the brand’s credibility. Enjoy this artisan paradise remotely here and if you’re unlikely to take a trip to India any time soon, you’ll be happy to know that it ships internationally too.



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