OSO Ristorante, Jakarta

Throughout the Covid lockdown, my travel repertoire backdates to a time when I was not consciously recording our experiences, so apologies in advance for the unflattering photos. But I had a nice memory of a birthday dinner here back in 2015 and thought might be worth a share. We had just recently started getting into the groove of settling down in this region and realised that this was one of those Asian capitals must-try, fine dining on an uber-high floor with a view of the city. We had delicious lobster fettucini and lasagne and a bruschetta starter. Italian staples but still good enough to have left an impression. It probably started my love affair for fettucini.  The service was also super – the chef came halfway to check on us which was a nice touch. It was quite reasonably priced too, not as astronomical as you may expect from some of these establishments.

Excuse these low-grade photos but do pop by their website for a better sense of what they offer here.

94883620_362981451325618_8914883206205931520_n94878476_2701119423456162_4719372595273662464_n94496581_159544602133582_7085748937981689856_nJakarta is not everyone’s cup of tea obviously but my affection for it has very much to do with the people. I wouldn’t suggest dining at an Italian restaurant near Plaza Indonesia to sample an authentic flavour of the city, but if you’re feeling a bit fancy and are looking for Continental cuisine, then it’s the restaurant with some atmosphere and good food.



6 thoughts on “OSO Ristorante, Jakarta

    1. Haha I should too really… me I loved the people of Indonesia in general… the city was abit harder to navigate w traffic and infrastructure but the warm culture totally made up for it πŸ’š Have you been there too?


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