Reflections on Your Word

In life, there are those whose words and actions are in better harmony than others. The ones who when they give you their word, you never fret about whether they will deliver. And then there are those who, when they give you their word, you feel no sense of assurance. There is a high probability that the promise will either be delayed or fail to exist. Most people usually fall in between. You speak with good intentions but sometimes you just don’t deliver. You feel terrible guilt when the absence of delivery occurs, and pray that this will not become a hallmark of yours.

I intend to push myself to the first category as of this new decade. Be it professionally or personally, being someone whose words and action are in sync is part of being a more honest and dignified human being. I’ve seen these traits in admired loved ones and always found it so commendable. Conversely, I’ve seen the opposite in loved ones and always found it as loathsome in them as it is in me.

Some cultures indoctrinate a duty to uphold a commitment, as trivial as a promise to meet at an appointed time, more than others. For those of us who don’t originate from cultures that demand this as the norm, it’s up to us and our families to embed this in our selves and our communities. As it goes I now have an appointment in 45 minutes and am determined to get there on exactly the time I promised. Wish me luck.

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