Reflections on Pinterest Joy

Resolving existential crisis’ through Pinterest

This is ultimately, not a reflection piece but a rudimentary post on Pinterest quotes that sounds wise and poetic though I’ve never read or studied the full works of Gibran and Rumi to have any true insight of their passions. Pinterest is my short-cut to anxiety. When pre-occupied with all that could go wrong, I get onto this app to search for pretty pictures of amazing nature or short extracts from revered sages to simplify my thoughts. After eventually getting dizzy with fabulous sayings and potential holiday destinations I start to sink into some sort of self-hypnosis. Things will go well. There is beauty in this world. It’s one of those apps that almost works like an online sleeping pill for me.

Sharing the cliches that still give me bit of zen. Consider it this season’s joy.


This is the natural co-existence surely? How do we claim to possess strength if we have never been tested?
This is empowering, surely? We are each of us such a complex history of past experiences and future aspirations all contained in one drop to the bigger scheme of complex histories of collective past experiences and future aspirations.
This is for us, the Instagram generation. Let’s try to refrain from too much self-exposure in 2019. I’ve been partaking in this since 2016 and am aiming for a little more discretion next year. Exceptions are for exceptional photography to depict a flawless aesthetic, not just a random ‘I did that today’ visual narrative.
An indisputable lesson to a life of peace, surely.  Life has been one one long journey of internal shifts and perspectives to keep embracing the rollercoaster.


Have a delightful holiday season, all! May we continue living in gratitude and blessings while we are still around on this planet.


Note:- Featured Image in this Page is sourced from Pexels. 



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