Aesthetics – Genève Facade

Windows of Geneve

I never truly paid much attention to Geneva’s architecture and to be honest I still don’t know how to describe it. My German comrade defines it as ‘Southern’ but I can’t be sure what that truly means. Wikipedia indicates that it is a confluence of Romanesque, Classicism and Gothic but my crude eyes still can’t fully fathom its character. The one consistency I note are wrought iron balconies and wooden coloured shutters that accompanies their windows, so here’s my collection of snaps of the same.

47685190_293932641240820_7802678451126665216_n47687107_1032702663603021_1306886371247390720_n48052564_360663521145914_3183067028332216320_n48056388_353994662053805_7082819164695429120_n48063060_392941724837246_3231714074194608128_n48090873_931763470353752_4592672344236883968_n48277352_273606543354645_6633652983823335424_n48371423_1930097527108895_6806790275235577856_n48372137_279588536237794_4764558421481488384_n 248377313_512372082603726_1090289744580968448_n 248379994_712763905777459_7076576163442720768_n 248359350_707016819699020_709618400770392064_n 2

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