Aesthetics – Harrods and Portobello Market

A tale of two neighbourhoods

Harrods and Portobello Market are about four tube stops from each other but speak of two different Londons. Uber Luxury and Uber Boho. As I sort of self identify with this whole Les Bobos phenomenon (bourgeoisie and bohemian) both give me equal amounts of aesthetic pleasure. Here are her best faces.

Harrods Food Hall (and one isolated furniture piece)

My fascination when it comes to Harrods is mainly the Food Hall. It is extravagant, elaborate, over the top and out of this world. To be fair, I still think Le Bon Marche and Galeries Lafayette wins when it comes to gourmet presentation, but still, I wouldn’t sniff at the offerings in Harrods.


 Al Fayed’s peacock fetish
When standing at Caviar House, you feel very conscious of the fact that this is 1% of the world’s population who live in a protected bubble.
Countless food displays 
 The first step in the food hall where it’s mainly chocolates galore
 A short intermission upstairs as we were hunting for some other non-food delicacy – look at these divinely upholstered chairs
It would be a proud day of mine if I could whip up a dinner party filled with these delights.. look at the baby chicken roasts with pomegranate sprinkled on it
Salmon slices
Salmon pillow.. mouth watering
Salmon and lobster roulade… 


Bite sized deserts…
Smallest tins at 65GBP (probably about a teaspoon of caviar)


 Pristine cakes


After a morning of food-lust, you can then take the Picadally line from Knightsbridge underground to South Kensington, where you change to the Circle line to Notting Hill Gate. Once you emerge from Notting Hill Gate, keep looking for the Portobello Market signs. It comes out in full swing on Friday till Sunday.

Portobello Market 

Vintage tins, tiles and coat hangers… 
Unique autumn vests


More unique boot-socks?
In principle, I categorically denounce the use of real fur in any shape or form. I don’t know whether this is real or faux. For the eyes, I do have a spot spot for the look of fur. 
Delightful sewing machine display at All Saints
This is the place for antique junkies
 Jewel inspired handbag and flamboyant rings
For fancy dress parties
Vintage plates of famous streets and roads and classic posters
More of the above
 Vintage paintings of flora and fauna… I picked some up of old Chinese bowls
Gorgeous leather trunks
And this is how you end the day. Strawberry tart from one of the many French cafes. 


Final Words

So which of the two Londons did you like most? Or are you like most of us, ready to embrace the city in all its Les Bobos glory? It’s certainly what gives her such a unique personality, isn’t it?



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