Aesthetics – Paris in the Fall

There is a French excess in this blog, admittedly but what can I say, it is a photogenic country and coincidentally, Paris happens to be a European capital I’ve visited twice in the past year. This post is more or less a visual diary of this September’s observations of the city. I had the privilege of just walking aimlessly for hours, watching daily life unfold and would have loved to photograph even more lovely sightings (stumbled on a private party in a courtyard, kids playing with their parents in a park, just cute couples sharing loving, bashful gazes in cafes) but such real-life snippets were simply too precious and intimate to intrude in with my camera (bad enough I was already gawping in real life at people just wanting to live their lives). Instead, I hope the following shots interest you!


From a garden in Gambetta. It’s a close depiction of Paris to me – leafy trees framing Haussmann balconies.. 


42663205_300012867261179_6951675061321334784_n42656982_1977577262325910_6658471173170397184_nI don’t have a clue what this is about apart from the fact that it’s some type of a puppet theatre but the beret and the baguette is just a super awesome cliche! 

Cool little alleyway of Cite des Ecole in Gambetta
Gambetta Fromagerie
Daily fromagerie display on Gambetta
Gambetta Fromagerie 2
More casual fromagerie display in the neighbourhood
Gambetta sweets
Neighbourhood patisseries 


Gambetta Hydrangeas
Hydrangeas at a local florist in Gambetta
Natural Selection
Ethically produced, natural based ingredients in this wonderful Gambetta grocery store (Great place to stock up on Lavender tea)
Gambetta vegetables
Fresh veggies in a special vegetable grocer in Gambetta
Gambetta groceries 2
 The fresh vegetable grocer above
Gambetta cafe
Watching people go by at a neighbourhood cafe in Gambetta
Bicycles in Gambetta
Bicycles on rent – love this healthy trend 
Blue vespa
Blue vespa 
More local locomotives


Le Monde on 23.09
 What Macron was up to in the fall of 2018


Love the concept. Down with the monarchy. 
St Martins Canal
St. Martins Canal


Minimalist restaurant serving creative vegan food by St Martins Canal


Boulevard Haussman
The shopping Boulevard of Paris aka London’s Oxford Street – this is a patch of land where Printemps and Galeries Lafayette sits on. Also just got a history lesson about Haussman and how he reinvented Paris to the look we now connect with the city. 
GL entrance
Oolalala.. it was more of an architectural and design experience and less a consumerist one.. in this generation, stepping into a department store in Europe is no different to a shopping mall in Asia hence I go straight to the 5th floor for souvenirs, books and food to sample what is unique to the country. 
GL ceiling 3
Ubiquitous Ceiling of Galeries Lafayette from the Ground Floor
GL ceiling
More of this flamboyance from the 4th Floor… 


GL sweets 2
Oooofff. Why must you look and taste so good. Top floor cafeteria at Galeries Lafayette
GL plants
Beautiful plant presentations at Galeries Lafayette Maison Gourmet (it’s across from the Galeries Lafayette department stores)
GL planst 2
 More of the same above. 
Printemp rooftop
A magical rooftop no? Printemps, I even love the name (Spring in English). What a genius way to name a brand selling beauty and lifestyle. 
Printemp floor
Printemps entrance – delicious tiles.
Printemp entrance
Printemps entrance. I do love the flower display, makes me think of the majestic flower arrangements in classic Rajasthan hotel lobbies of India.
Printemp sweets
 Ground floor cafe at Printemps. 
Rooftop view from Galleries La Fayette

GL rooftop 3

GL rooftop
There is a rooftop cafe on Galeries Lafayette where you can sit and enjoy this view. Imagine how much more stunning over the summer. 
Eiffel Tower from GL
Not my best photo of the tower (my better Eiffel Tower shots can be seen here) but to illustrate the view from Boulevard Haussmann

Final Words

While my favourite season for Europe is still the burning hot summer of June and July, it’s hard to deny how beautiful, atmospheric and even more authentic Paris is in autumn (when the millions of tourists start to disperse and the raw realities of daily life takes over again). Don’t hesitate to make a trip there just because temperatures are climbing down (or maybe for some people this is the favourite season and summer is too hot). Every time I leave this city, I immediately imagine what it would be like when I return again, explore yet another one of her delicious neighbourhoods and keep trying to capture her essence. And this trip was definitely not an exception to those sentiments.


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