Aesthetics – Gallic Panache

The French are so good at elevating the most banal matter to something desirable. It’s like the language. You can basically say I need to post a letter and still sound like you solved an existential quandary. It’s trivial and essentially just beauty for the sake of beauty. But these are the things that stops me in my tracks when in France because yes… they can even make a lump of sugar or a bottle of water be the most exquisite piece of luxe heaven that one must acquire in order to be complete.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI mean… it’s just mustard. But it feels like the second interpretation of cubism or something.


IMG_0652Again… how can mineral water look so bewitching??



It’s possible that one box is worth a full day of calories, but even the tins are delicious to me. 


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe ever famous macaroons. While I assumed Laduree was the Chanel of macaroons, I am told there are so many designer macaroons out there and even an online debate as to who makes the best luxury macaroons amongst macaroon junkies. 



Eiffel-tower sugar. I mean…. come on!!! So pretty, so useless but mainly pretty. 



The Candy Canes were purchased and consumed quite quickly and the tin, a bedside momento.  


IMG_0347Laduree is synonymous for macaroons but also for everything else that tastes like paradise. 


IMG_0356.jpgThe tea is to drink… and also to give your pantry shelves some style. 


IMG_9924IMG_9925Why are even sardine cans so thrilling… 


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