Aesthetics- Frigiliana

The perks of living in an internet age today, with millions of travel bloggers and websites populating the net is that we can land up in a seaside town quite spontaneously and still be able to organise a trip to a nearby village based on a quick google search on the very same day! That’s in essence how we spent the day in this picturesque village with dear friends whom we planned to rusticate with in Nerja last summer. It was perfection – a small and aesthetically gorgeous maze of cobbled streets up and down whitewashed walls and aqua facades, local pottery hung on doors and sold in little stores, watercolour art displayed in artisan corners, cafes serving fresh lemonade and Solero ice cream on offer everywhere. The little joys under scorching summer heat in its late 30s, and a day that would taper off into a quick swim in Costa Del Sol before concluding with a light dinner of delicious cheese and Spanish omelettes in the terrace of our friend’s rented villa, overlooking other neighbourhood villas and a cool blue swimming pool. It was the best of our summer days after two years of pandemic lockdown, and we savoured every second of it.

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