Aesthetics – Artisan Tiffins

My sister and I agree that we are visual creatures. Everything that has aesthetic value fascinates us and we are often poring over various images of different fabrics, homewares, interior designs, architecture and exchanging notes about beautiful things throughout our travels. She recently came across these exquisite tiffin carriers and fell in love with both it’s cause and concept. They are designed by a local Malaysian NGO – JEIWA, focused on empowering women, and are produced and distributed by marginalised communities. Their designs are a a perfect marriage of the traditional and contemporary, and the tiffins are made of high quality stainless steel. It’s such a chic way of traveling with your prepared meals for the day, or to deliver your home made dishes to friends/ family (provided they remember to return the tiffins!) and also makes for a stunning home adornment. Some designs are also available as water tumblers and or jars. There are countless options in terms of design, size, and layers so do pop by this IG page (link here – and contact number +60122681092) for their many options if this floats your boat. I’m told they also do international deliveries for those who want to spice up their shopping with a taste of the eclectic. Have a beautiful weekend folks!

The Eva Collection
China Doll
Anita and Classy
Anita water bottle

8 thoughts on “Aesthetics – Artisan Tiffins

    1. Aww thanks Neil… and it’s so interesting that you like Classy the most. It’s actually the most traditional design, and the hibiscus is also the national flower of Malaysia. I bought the Classy and the Anita design, it really caught my eye! Thanks for dropping by and have a lovely Sunday 🙂

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  1. Very chic indeed. Similar to the Japanese bento box, but much prettier! I like the separate compartments.

    Here in the West, we just have ugly plastic boxes with no design or compartment whatsoever.

    JEIWA should try exporting those tiffin boxes to Europe, I think they’d do well!

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    1. Haha, you’re right, these should definitely be exported to Europe.. I can see it being displayed in Selfridges/ Galeries Lafayette 😉 And indeed, I never realised their similarities with the Japanese bento box, at least conceptually anyway! Thanks for dropping by Juliet 🙂 Have a great Sunday..


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