Travel Anecdotes – Nero Nero, DC Mall

We’ve never had a bad experience at this delightful Italian offering. It’s the kind of place where weeks later, the aftertaste of their perfectly baked rosemary bread, caramelised basil and melted cheese still linger on your palate. It’s on the expensive side for local standards so this is not our regular go to by any means. But when we pop by, usually for some special occasion, we try to savour the experience.

Their website (link here) alludes to a ‘California’ style Italian bistro where the focus is on fresh ingredients. The latter pitch was pretty evident in most of their dishes and I did like the aesthetic set-up, a transformative ambience that takes you out of town and lets you belive that a for a moment, travel is possible again and we’re enjoying a summer vacation somewhere a little further away than our neighbourhood restaurant.

Complementary focacio bread with an assortment of olive oil based dips
The crab salad wasn’t in the usual menu but a definite winner for me. I am officially in love with basil as a herb – it elevates everything and in this particular concoction, made me tempted to re-order it the minute we started tucking in. 
Fritto mare – fried calamari and prawns with garlic sauce. Crunchy but soft batter which folded into the tasty flesh of the calamari at every bite. 
Am not sure what the name of this dish is but it was basically focaccia bread topped with rosemary and a perfect way to get us started for the evening. 
4 Formaggi – a fusion of mozaeralla, gorgonzola, latteria and smoked scarmoza. Super heavenly. 
Ravioli Del Pastore – Home made ravioli stuffed with eggplant, sheep milk, ricotta cheese and infused with arabiatta sauce. We polished every last bit of the sauce clean from the plate.   
The signature marble fountain where the seats orientate around

For alfresco dining

Stuffed with satisfaction 

It wouldn’t be completely honest of me if I didn’t make a mention of something rather unpleasant that was sighted at the end of the evening. The ceiling of the restaurant was bare, with it’s piping and concrete being visible to all. My husband caught sight of a fast moving yes, rodent, when he glanced up and informed the restaurant owner/ chef/ manager. He thanked us for letting him know and we do hope that something is done about it. I understand that issues like this can be difficult to control when you’re part of a bigger mall and it’s not just your own premise, in fact I’ve once sighted the same in Feast Village, Starhill. But it definitely left a little under mark on the success of the evening, overall.

Beyond that, we couldn’t fault the food, service or ambience…

21 thoughts on “Travel Anecdotes – Nero Nero, DC Mall

  1. Hello dear, oh, is that you with your husband on the pic? It´s SO lovely to see you 🙂 You are beautiful! (This is my Spanish side coming out – in Spain it´s normal for women to compliment each other, which I find quite lovely:)) I really enjoyed this post! OMG the food looks so yummy and you take great photos – my mouth actually watered when looking at your pics and reading your great descriptions. Basil is an amazing herb! We literally just got delivered some right from the Southern Spanish fields here – so good! Wishing you a beautiful weekend, dear! Big hugs 🤗🤗🤗

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    1. Awww your Spanish ways totally made my day! It goes without saying that I’ve always thought the same about you, and wondered how it is that Spanish people won the genetic lottery when it comes to natural beauty 😂 am glad u liked this post and am fantasising of the fresh basil u just got delivered… yummm… have to say that this travel section of the blog will probably comprise of more restaurants in KL given that this is the extent of our travel these days 😅😅😅 wishing you a gorgeous Sunday dearesr Maria 💕

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      1. Aw my friend, thanks so much for your gorgeous and heart-felt comment!! It brought such a massive smile to my face and heart 🙂 You are so sweet!! 🙂 I d love to invite you over for a freshly made Pasta-dish with BASIL hehe, alas, maybe one day, who knows:) I am really looking forward to more mouthwatering restaurant reviews from you! Have a fantastic start to your week gorgeous! Many blessings to you 💕💕💕

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      2. Fab vision- eating home made pasta with fresh basil somewhere in the marvellous landscape of Spain… ohh one needs dreams in these days… meanwhile I’ll keep churning out the food experiences here 🥰 have a gorgeous week my dear!!!

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      3. Dear, I could not agree more with you – yes to keeping our hopes and dreams alive through these surreal collective times! And yes to eating our feelings at times lol. Or better said, indulging in some gourmet food experiences… will make a pizza with fresh oregano (from those fields 😄 ) now haha. Thanks for your lovely words, and already wishing you a fab weekend with fantastic food in KL! OMG I remember the street food in KL fondly! Sigh:) 🥰

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      4. Gosh… tell me, which part of Spain are you luxuriating in again? Granada and Marbella was my first ‘grown up’ holiday with a best friend more than two decades ago and it stays in my mind like it happened yesterday. Barcelona and Madrid came later, and of course, who doesn’t love Barcelona. I could go back over and over again and try your amazing pizza with fresh oregano and just keep exploring and never get tired of it…. here’s to better days ahead of us for more and more exotic cuisine escapades!!! Big hugs dear 🙂

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      5. Hola hola:) How lovely to hear that you have experienced some of Spain´s pleasures for yourself! I agree, Barcelona is a spectacular location! I spent a bit more than a year living and studying in Madrid, and , funny thing, am currently based in Marbella 😀 Yesss, lets dream of better and more freedom-and-adventure-embracing times ahead…plus incredible food, of course:) Btw, where are you from, originally? Big hugs and have a great weekend!

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      6. Oh my you are based in Marbella??? That is a dream… the beach and festive energy… no wonder you are always smiling 💕💕💕 Im from Malaysia dear. Ive sort of been living away from home since I was a teenager but since 2018, managed to live back in KL, which has been both so lovely and annoying at the same time 🤣 Have a gorgeous weekend my dearest!


      7. Yes, for the last 1,5 years now… it is beautiful here, even though I do really miss Ubud/Bali and Fremantle/ Australia where I had more of a like-minded, in-person community! But yes – you can´t beat the beach, climate, and gorgeous food and vegetation here:) Thats so exciting that you got to live in, I assume, many different parts of the globe! Love it! I know you lived in Geneva, where else? Sorry, my journalistic curiosity knows no bounds 🤣 Talk soon lovely! And enjoy your weekend in KL:)

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      8. Do post more on Marbella, would love to refresh my thoughts on all that beauty…Ubud and Freemantle… what beautiful places to have lived in and I can imagine you to have found many like minded souls of your ‘tribe’ there….I saw your posts on that but wanted to save some time before reading and enjoying the photos… I love that you have lived in seaside cities, which has always been a dream of mine. I’ve lived in mainly Europe (London being the longest for almost a decade and Geneva) and Asia/ Middle East (New Delhi, Ankara, Bangkok and Jakarta). I have always longed to live in a city with both museums and a beach though, like Barcelona. I am actually meant to move to the Middle East this year but Covid intervened so am working from home these days…ahhh wonder what 2021 holds for the world…. hope you’re enjoying the beach this weekend 😍

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      9. Thanks for your sweet encouragement, dear!:) Will definitely post more on Marbella in the future, in the meantime, here´s a post I did on Salvador Dali´s artwork in town, in case that appeals to you: Great to hear that we share a faible for seaside places 🙂 Fingers crossed for you to turn that dream into a reality soon, the ocean is incredibly soothing. I must say though, so supercool that you have lived in all those cities and countries!!! Love that! Do you work in diplomacy? Think i might have read something like that somewhere on your lovely blog:) Yep, lets see what 2021 will be like! I remain optimistic, think the worst ist behind us now regarding the pandemic. Have a great week, gorgeous! xoxoxo

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      10. I loved your Dali post! And yes to dream of better pastures next year by the ocean… I work with the UN yes, not exactly diplomacy but more on the humanitarian side… hope you’re week has been great so far my dear 💕💚💕

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      11. Thanks so much, that means a lot, dear!! Wow love that you work with the UN!! That was actually one of my dreams when I was younger, still loving the idea… even though I have gotten quite used to a pretty “free” way of life as well. Good on you for doing humanitarian work! Wonderful! Thanks for your lovely wishes, hope your week is going good, too! Mine is oki 🙂 Hugs!💕💕

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      12. Ahh… its back to another weekend and hope you’ve got something lovely planned…. I do love the ‘free’ way of living too, and in fact, I actually spend almost half the year to explore other interests and then go back to the usual UN work for another six months.. perpetually living in uncertainty.. anyhow, embrace your freedom, it’s a marvellous privilege to have 🙂 Ciao for now beauty!

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      13. Hi gorgeous, love the way you are doing life!! Sounds like a perfect mix to me hey. Same here – living and, for the most part, embracing a free and relatively uncertain way of life… You are right, freedom is a fantastic privilege!!! Thanks for reminding me of that, beautiful:) Wishing you a great week and sending hugs your way xoxo

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