Aesthetics – Indoor Walks

I wondered if it’s scraping the bottom of the barrel to share photos of what mornings have been like, visually, since the pandemic began. Clarity walks in the common space of our apartment block, was what unexpectedly gave me a new lease of life during the most critical days of the world, region, country and yes for many private lives alike. A time to lighten the head, listen to different playlists, ruminate in that calming space between what was and what could be. Despite the limited space, they’ve managed to pepper it with different plants, ponds and pools as an antidote to the oppressive skyline that keeps being implanted, quite unnaturally into the neighbourhood. It’s not a a walk through green English meadows or by an exotic beach, but it’s still a little slice of privilege in these days of uncertainty.


115928870_286848799215045_7814041898488625419_n115948146_297684218105365_8044514971119639017_n116099538_280381829891056_8564495335403053782_n116282510_972374136532329_5421525429559348408_n116733496_2721092814794431_4874906273031948117_n 116433105_309707343480244_1876309866174438574_n


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