Reflections on the Breaking Point


When plunged in the depth of dark times we often wonder ‘why us’? Why couldn’t it all be like the ideas we wanted, the hopes we carried, the desires we nurtured. In our minds, we illogically romanticise the lives of others and how it seemed to be unharmed by the maladies that we believe afflicts ours. Whether it is the mental illness of a loved one, a hollow partnership, a self-esteem destroying condition… the ways in which life brings us to our knees are endless. Through it all, the wisdom that never ceased to resonate is that it’s never just about what happened to you in life- it’s about how you react to it. There is no doubt that the breaking of you is usually what creates the making of you. When drowning in the abyss though, it is easy to forget this. While walking this morning, with Jen Johnson’s ‘You’re Gonna Be Ok’ plugged in my ears, I tried to cling on to these philosophies:

1. If there is a part of your life that is dying, then it just means other aspects need to come alive.

2. Whatever it is that you long your partner to be or have, you should be and have for yourself with or without him or her.

3. Manifest your creativity to put something of value out in the world.

4. If you find yourself in a situation which makes you feel lost and worthless- remove yourself from the situation. You are worth more than that.

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