Travel Anecdotes – Pangkor Laut Resort

Arguably the most popular YTL Resort, Pangkor Laut Resort is also the closest to Kuala Lumpur city, taking us approximately 2h and 45 minutes to get to the Marina, and a further 10 minutes boat ride to get to the island. We have tried and reviewed (link here) the three other YTL resorts in Malaysia – Tanjong Jara Resort in Terengganu, Cameron Highlands Resort and Gaya Island Resort in Sabah but somehow never got around to this flagship outfit till January.

There are many positives to admire. The first is the natural beauty of the property, a private island with stunning rainforests, emerald bay, and hornbills flying close enough to touch (don’t though). Secondly, I really appreciate the cleanliness of the beach and the maintenance invested in ensuring that this island continues to have clean sands, and untouched coral. Thirdly, we also really appreciated the service – Chef Nizam, Ajay and all our massage therapists were so professional, helpful and ready for that extra effort. I was particularly touched by the effort they made for my husband’s birthday. Finally, please don’t stay in this resort without enjoying at least one treatment at the Spa Village – the compulsory spa bath before the massage is a gorgeous indulgence.

A few words of caution though – I wouldn’t take my elderly parents here because quite a lot of walking is required to get from one place to the other although there is also a scheduled van to take you to the main stops.. and for those who want to swim on a beach outside their room, that cant happen (no matter how tempting) as you can only swim at Emerald Bay which needs a van to get to (unless you are OK to walk up and down a steep hill). We took a garden villa with a beach view and took the van to Emerald Bay. Highly recommended!

If you are on the Residents Package, you will have breakfast, lunch and dinner included. While the meals are all delightful we were so stuffed by the end of the trip. That’s not necessarily a problem but just a heads up.

Finally try to come after February and before December as otherwise, you will hit the peak season which means you pay a third more.

Here are some photos of our trip…


Natural rock formations


Boat to take us on to the island

Beautiful hornbill coming up close
Spa journey
Spa pool
Spa view
More visiting hornbills
Yummy fried rice
Yummy chocolatey fruity desert
Lunch view of sea villas
Rich green view from Garden Villa
Clean and beautiful Emerald View
More spa view


More Emerald Bay
Lunch at Emerald Bay
Resting by the spa
Delicious lemongrass drink at the spa
Spa lobby
Beach by the spa (not to be swimming in though)

Beach view at Garden Villa 306
Outdoor bath at Garden Villa
Garden Villa terrace
Garden Villa view

10 thoughts on “Travel Anecdotes – Pangkor Laut Resort

    1. Hahaaa I should have explained… YTL stands for one of Malaysia’s main industrialist….Yeoh Ting Lay.. he owns a diverse conglomerate and part of it are a wide selection of luxury resorts in Asia… hope you will one day reach the shores of this side of the world 🥰🥰🥰


    1. Fantastic! You’re going to love it… I think my personal favourite was Tanjong Jara because it just seemed so much more cute and cozy… of course Pangkor Laut is the YTL ‘flagship’ so Im sure you guys will have alot of fun!…. ☺️


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