Travel Anecdotes – One and Only Guerlain Spa, Dubai

Exotic Luxury

Recently, I was in Dubai and didn’t feel like spending my time in shopping malls. I wondered what would be a quintessentially Dubai experience that I couldn’t get anywhere else that would be pleasurable and relaxing. It didn’t take much consideration before I decided on the One and Only Spa in The Palm. I’d been here once some years ago and remembered really enjoying it. My latest googling indicated that now the spa had been further upgraded into the only Guerlain spa since 2015.

I didn’t regret the experience at all. The Spa Menu was amazing and it was difficult to make up my mind. I finally booked for a 60 minute Imperial Relaxing massage. However, after explaining to my massage therapist that I needed to really address the knots on the left upper side of my back (computer back) she re-designed the massage protocol and performed an amazing massage that was 60% focused on my left upper back. It’s been almost a week since the massage and I am still 100% knot-free. The waiting lounge before the spa is so comfortable: on top of the steaming room and sauna, fitting room, locker area and bathroom, it also has a seating area overlooking a cute patio outside. Behind the seating area is a counter of snacks and drinks.

After the massage, one can use the shower facilities in the massage room and also the vanity counter which has a full spread of Guerlain make-up which I had fun trying out. Once I left the massage room, I went to the courtyard of the spa and had some ginger tea. It’s just a peaceful place to reflect and relax in peace for awhile. At the time that I went, the Spa gave me the option to spend all day there from 11 am till 6pm to use all the facilities as I wished (there is a pool next to the spa too, including the steam room and sauna in the waiting area). The whole experience cost about RM575 AED which is average for European standards but expensive for Asian standards. However, even in Europe, you will not have access to a luxury resort’s spa and all of its opulent facilities.

The Spa is set in the One and Only Palm resort in The Palm. Even the drive to the Spa is exciting. The bright blue beach set against the city’s skyline gets you in the mood for true pampering indeed. The resort itself is so beautiful in architecture and ambiance. You get nothing but date trees and a pool which spreads to the beach as you make your way to the spa. Overall, I totally recommend this experience. If you’re not into trawling through air conditioned mall and don’t want anything too hectic like the desert safari, then this can be a relaxing way to spend an afternoon in Dubai.


1. Getting excited
Getting excited in the journey to The One and Only, the Palm
2. Clear water
Teal waters of the Palm
2. The first entry
Opulent foyer of The One and Only hotel
3. The main hotel pool
 Swimming pool facing the beach 

4. Hotel pool up close

5. Gorgeous hotel
The hotel facade from the pool
6. Archways to the spa
 The journey to the spa
7. Spa entrance 2
 Pond at the entrance of the spa
7. Spa entrance
Beautiful entrance of the Guerlain Spa
8. Georgeous spa lounge
Waiting lounge at Guerlain spa, with Guerlain potions everywhere
12. Spa outdoors
Patio lounge as I wait for massage therapist
13. Spa shower
Shower after massage

14. Spa lavatory

15. Spa vanity table
Vanity table at massage room
16. Guerlain make up
Guerlain make-up to use after shower

10. Spa hallway

11. Spa hallway
Gorgeous corridors surrounding the inner courtyard
17. After spa drink
A juice and hot towel after massage
18. Spa courtyard
Jasmine tea in the courtyard to relax

19. Spa courtyard20. Spa courtyard21. Spa courtyard chairs

21. Spa courtyard
Gorgeous courtyard
22. Leaving spa
Leaving the spa

23. Leaving spa

24. Leaving spa
Walking out of the whole spa area
25. Leaving hotel
Majestic hotel lounge 
26. Hotel entrance before leaving
Back to the foyer of the hotel 

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