Aesthetics- Hong Kong

Oh so modern

Concrete jungles oppress me. Physically it feels like an assault – the first time I stepped out onto the streets of Hong Kong and came face to face with her collection of sky scraping towers (after having just left the magical dream that was Shanghai) I actually felt like something was pushing against my chest and I couldn’t breathe. I think that if one has a great job and social life in Hong Kong, then it is probably a happening, electric and dynamic place to live. But to visit and spend time for a few days, it’s one of those places I couldn’t fall in love with very rapidly. Still, she was a photogenic city and here are some of her memorable quirks.

 I liked the advertising on the tram but it was the first time I encountered such a narrow vehicle. 
The very British Wyndham Road
The first sight of the Fragrant Harbour
Skyscraping suffocation begins
Her materialism in one photo
Local cabs at a popular shopping district
The Jade Market
The less photographed parts of Hong Kong perhaps..
Night market near the Jade Market 
Her impressive skyline from across
 As we crossed the bridge – she looked uber impressive
 Vegetarian food at the gardens
Nan Lian Garden at the Kowloon side – I was desperate to see some green..
Calm and tranquil as the skyscrapers look on from a safe distance


A monk selfie..?
IMG_3560 2
Stanley was romantic and moody – looked best without colour
More of Stanley’s photogenic moodiness
View from the ladies room of Cafe Grey of the Upper House Hotel.. 

Final Words

Though we were there only for a few days and I felt a tiny bit disorientated from it all, it was clear that there was a lot to see and do in Hong Kong which we didn’t get to cover satisfactorily. Hope you enjoyed this very brief visual soundbite which probably didn’t do the city the justice it deserves – if we were ever to return and stay longer, will try to rectify that!

4 thoughts on “Aesthetics- Hong Kong

  1. While I am currently enjoying Prague very much, and will always love Prague ~ nothing compares to Hong Kong in my mind. The chaos of the city and then the tranquility of the islands and countryside, a perfect set of extremes. Viewing your photos I feel as if I am back in the beautiful chaos once again 🙂 Great post.

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