Aesthetics – Prague Abode

AirBnb Choice in Prague 

This Prague apartment impressed us not just because of its perfect location in the Old Town but also because of it’s extraordinarily high ceilings (maybe more than 20 feet?) its gorgeous facade and also the beautiful courtyard garden of the property. Perhaps it’s a pretty conventional place for Prague, but we knew it wouldn’t be easy to find a piece like this in say London or Paris without ripping your wallet. Click here to view it in Airbnb. 


Prague Apartment 3

prague apartment 12Prague Apartment 8Prague Apartment 10Prague Apartment 7Prague Apartment 4Prague Apartment 11Prague Apartment 5Prague Apartment 6

Final Words

To date, we’ve experienced about 10 Airbnb accommodations and have been quite lucky with most of our experiences. No landlord from hell tales to tell and always landed in a decent looking place. Of course we are also pretty discerning with our selection and (apart from one experience) our ultimate rule is to ensure that the property has been reviewed and highly rated by an impressive collection of guests. Our favourite so far still continues to be the Montparnasse apartment we stayed at over the summer of 2017 in Paris. But this Prague property is definitely in our Top 3 – do check on its availability if you are in Prague!

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