Aesthetics – London Facade

Doors and windows of the world

I never really used to pay so much attention to the external details of London’s properties, but usually assumed the English architectural facade is much like her people – calm and stately with no frills or flamboyance. This time around, with the time and inclination to keep going through different side streets and quaint neighbourhoods, I was pleasantly surprised to realise that she had a little bit more frivolity than that. Here’s the doors, windows and facades that caught my eye..


43075332_2202516709992273_5736901045490024448_n 2
Pastels in the Portobello area
43083203_2030796353644925_5677588479140167680_n 2
 Sweet day blue, brick walls in the Kings Road area
43086318_707141432978563_4055578252851281920_n 2
More Portobello pastels – Portobello area is an unmissable gem in many ways 
43110262_2162051204033895_6262015657043296256_n 2
Less the look but the motto that caught my eye
43115239_1964184480336233_7856104498509381632_n 2
 Somewhere again between Notting Hill and Portobello area
43119633_1831306996925262_5713949259951243264_n 2
 A Victorian mansion block – nostalgic – a significant part of childhood vacations and teenage angst
43141054_596577000775183_6174629943201234944_n 2
Notting Hill cottage
43180721_293809141346741_4490324424624439296_n 2
 Classical windows structures
 Robert Adam Street- across from our other nostalgic youth spot


42980182_956119467919068_5874588870841991168_n 2
Ever so quaint


Pebbled road, brick stone mews… off York Street
 More of this teal-iciou hues
Earl’s Court rabbit holes
 More of Earl’s Court rabbit holes


At the beginning of the street of colourful homes in the Notting Hill area
The ever photogenic Charlotte Street hotel of Fitzrovia
Red door, blue walls.. somewhere around Earls Court
Angular and conservative.. somewhere near Covent Garden
The unmissable British look
Even more quintessentially English… the door panelling, rectangular letter box, black and white checked steps and pillared bannisters. Comfort food reliable. 
Covent Garden grandeur
More Covent Garden grandeur
Windows of a higher floor, probably of a fine dining restaurant
 Higher floor pub
Cute homes in Ladbroke Grove. We almost picked this area as our Airbnb but glad we stuck to the SW postcode
Cute clock and turquoise facade of a shoe shop in Chelsea


Spot of pink on Trebovir Road, Earls Court
More Earls Court finds…

Final Words

I really enjoyed the different themes of homes, doors and windows of London. It’s unique, characterful and bears such a strong individualistic style, representing a specific time and period of the city. In terms of just which aesthetics I personally like, I am still fonder of the Gallic style which though a bit more repetitive has also a very feminine touch to it. If you’ve been following the doors and windows collection of Paris, the Riviera, Barcelona, Luang Prabang and Bali (Bali is obviously a different look, though Luang Prabang maintains a very strong French visual) under the Aesthetics category then do share your personal favourites.




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