Aesthetics – Zurich Habitat

My dear and old friend (we are nervous to admit that it’s now been almost two decades of friendship and what that means about our present age) has always been, amongst other forms of inspiration, one of my introductions to European art and literature. Of Prussian-Anglo origin, she opened the window of Herman Hesse, Schubert, tasteful aesthetics and a sort of honest sobriety to my yet unformed self back then. She inherited her mother’s aptitude for cooking up a charismatic home, and whenever we get the chance to reunite in her different abodes within various spots of the German speaking world, I whip out my camera and snap for imagination. These photos of her present life in Zurich are very much with her consent! Thank you, dear Dresden, for always having room for me in your space.

An inherited cupboard which I feel is such a big part of her identity. More than 10 years ago, I took the same photo of this gorgeous cupboard in her Charlottensburg apartment in Berlin, with one of the glitter gold handbags hanging on the knob. 
More touching nostalgia. The framed photo is of the two of us back in our London yesteryears and the red notebook an Absolutely Fabulous one we picked up in a chic stationery store in Berlin. Both were trinkets of more than 10 years ago. What is life without all these momentos of affection?
The city of which she was born, and the one that captured both her imagination and her roots. I loved Berlin through her eyes.
Herringbone wood – she always goes for good floors. Love the huge glass jar and candle too. 
Absolutely adore this colonial vintage rattan and wood chair. Uncomfortable but divine to look at. 
Quintessentially her. 
A military trunk as a coffee table.
Another inherited piece. Love it – the glass, the silver chrome and the worn out toffee coloured leather. I think it’s semi Art Deco and I’ve never seen this selling anywhere recently. 
She has the capacity to do somewhat heavy gold and brass without seeming ostentatious.
And strewing a few random crystals while still keeping things effortlessly low-key.
A vintage Oriental piece that so complements the classic European base            
A new acquisition. Huge matchbox from a gorgeous vintage store in Zurich’s Falkenstrasse that we explored together yesterday.

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