Travel Anecdotes – Seminyak Snapshot

Seminyak is not one of my ultimate favourite spots in Bali but it’s a semi rites-of-passage visit that I somehow feel compelled to arrange for newcomers to Bali. I lump it in the ‘party heaven’ category, beloved by tribes from the Southern Hemisphere and if that is your type of adventure then by all means, go for it. I have only been there twice, usually only for a few days, and these are some of my recommendations.


Just simply really good food! We went for whatever was on offer in the vegetarian and seafood options and just couldn’t get over the taste. Whether it’s the smash avocado toast, soft shell crab salad or tuna tartare, nothing disappointed us. Our greedy selves only wish by the end of each meal was for us to have the capacity to keep going without keeling over from over-eating. It’s located on Jalan Drupadi, and is the main restaurant to the Uma Sapna Hotel (which I will give a short review of below). The design of the restaurant is stylishly minimalistic, made entirely of glass and mid-century type chairs.

Photos below are mainly from the internet:-

Kilo Bali – outside – photo sourced from the internet
Kilo Bali, indoors – photo sourced from the internet

One of the most popular beach spots in Seminyak, it is located on Jalan Kayu Aya No. 9 so a great climax after a full day of shopping from Jalan Raya Seminyak. We didn’t come here to have dinner but rather snacks and soft drinks so I can’t comment much about the food. We liked the ambiance, huge seating spots facing the sea, very relaxing for a lazy evening or just for catching up with old friends over brunch and good service. If we stayed longer, we guessed that we would be hanging out here a lot after shopping.


This is a gorgeous curation of homewares owned by a French lady. Cushion covers, bed throws, baskets, sofa covers, fabric beach bags, table cloths… we came here a few times as we got gifts for family and friends and also indulged a little bit for ourselves. I would rate this along the same lines of Ikatbatik in Ubud which I discussed of here. Mostly hand painted, individual collections, and a fusion between native motifs and clean contemporary lines. The photo I’ve inserted here is courtesy of the internet – do drop by if you are looking for something unique for yourself or special gifts. It’s within walking distance of Kilo Restaurant and Jalan Raya Seminyak.

Mercredi – photo sourced from store’s Facebook page

We got ourselves a few rings, earrings and bangles from here. Inexpensive but pretty and delicate jewellery. The photograph inserted below is from the internet (because its own website I think fails at giving the viewer the type of beauties you can actually find from this store). You won’t break the bank indulging in this shop but obviously don’t expect it to be of Bvlgari material either. Within a short walk from Mercredi above and Jalan Raya Seminyak.

 Kapal Laut, Bali – photo sourced from the internet


I came here some 9 years ago as a family trip and chose it because it was back then in the top 3 in Tripadvisor. I still have fond memories of it, it’s close to where all the action is and is a luxury boutique, with each villa having its own private pool, spa deck and kitchen where breakfast is cooked right there. Wonderful service and attentiveness by all, and the opportunity to have a full body massage by the pool. Forgive the quality of my photos – this was taken on a broken iPhone back in 2009 when the idea of putting up review photos was just not in my radar… I would recommend this either as a family get together or with a spouse. They have a choice of 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom villas.

My view of the pool garden from the bedroom in Ulin Villa
Pool and massage deck at the Ulin Villa















It’s located 5 minutes walk from all sorts of shopping and dining, we had a private pool villa Komodo right next to the spa. All for a really decent price nothing stratospheric like the Legian etc. Indeed, there were less than divine touches such as a lavatory space that was too open so if shared with friends this is awkward, no phone next to bed hence climbing out of the bed to cross the room each time we needed it, the spa was decent but probably not award winning etc but these are small gripes. The service was also really good- everything usully handled so promptly and generously. We recommend this boutique hotel for those who want to enjoy a little luxury but remain in the centre of the action yet do not want to spend more than usd200 for a private pool villa. It is less pricey than Ulin Villa and not as luxurious. And of course- Kilo was the highlight of our stay- delectable yummy dishes as discussed above.

Uma Sana, Villa Komodo pool garden

Final Words

If I visit Bali again, I would only visit Seminyak with a girlfriend who is keen for a spot of shopping and dining. For true blue beaches and powdery sand I would recommend Nusa Dua or Nusa Lembongan, for culture and arts I would recommend Ubud and for remote, quiet getaways, I would recommend Candidasa.

If you want to hear my take on Ubud you can click here, my post on our Airbnb in Candidasa you can click here, or Jimbaran you can click here and finally my post on a day trip to Nusa Lembongan, you can click here. 

Voila – I think I’ve finally completed my Bali diaries for now!

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