Aesthetics – La Ville Nice Promenade

This is a brief Aesthetic post on the boutique hotel in Nice, La Ville Nice Promenade. It’s on Rue  Saint Phillippe, 5 minutes bus ride from the Gare and 3 minute walk to the Promenade. I will eventually write a post on our week in the two most visited towns of the French Riviera – Nice and Cannes and detail our experiences more. But for now, enjoy the interiors of this cozy boutique.


IMG_9606Wooden vintage shutters


IMG_9607Tiles hung on the wall


IMG_9609Side table tops

IMG_9608Doorknobs nailed onto wooden slabs.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Sitting area at the entrance.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOrange tree outside the hotel patio. 


IMG_9610.jpgStepped outside the room to find this rooftop balcony



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