Aesthetics – Bombay Homewares

The first thing I do every time I come to Bombay (I know it’s time I call it Mumbai but there is just this pretentious sound to Bombay that still thrills me) is to scour through all the shop displays in Goodearth, Fab India and Nicobar, take photographs and go through their online catalogues to decide what I would treat myself with. My first acquaintance to Goodearth and Fab India was back in the Delhi days of 2010. While I loved it then, it didn’t have that much relevance to my life as I was living in a furnished studio and simply didn’t see the possibility of buying bulks of homeware pieces when I wasn’t sure where I would be next. But after awhile life catches up with you and I decided that with or without a permanent place, there is no harm in curating beautiful things for a future life. Nowadays our apartment has a few accents from these traditional-meets-contemporary homeware brands of India.

Here’s a visual feast of their collections circa December 2017:-


Good Earth – at The Mills, near Palladium Mall   







Fab India – Kala Goda




Nicobar – Kala Goda




After a day of this type of adventure, I will then retreat home, no purchases but just satisfied to have given these eyes a treat. Eventually I will write more on lovely places to shop, eat and sightsee in Bombay but for now, this is just a teaser for the eyeballs.

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