Aesthetics – Amateur Photography

My husband and I are in an endless debate about who is capable of taking better photographs, each claiming superiority over the other. Privately I will admit that he has a better eye than me. I try to be more ‘fancy’ but he has stronger intuition. I have to qualify this post with a strong assertion that we are both absolutely not educated in the slightest bit on photography. As in not even an internet workshop or a ‘how to’ book. No, our pointless competitiveness is really that between the blind egging the blind on.

As I get more proficient with blogging, I will share more detailed (and hopefully improved) visuals of our journeys but as a first post under this category, these were the photos that we would narcissistically admire and then proceed to argue as to who took it (and if it was clear someone took it then the other will claim ‘conceptual’ rights i.e. well, I saw the good spot and told you to take a photo there so it was kind of my concept).


Dhalu Atoll, 2014. I mean… there is nothing much to say except that some places don’t really need neither a good photographer nor a good camera. You could be lying down on your face and take a random photo with one hand from your outdated iPhoto and it can still look postcard pretty because the place is divinely gifted. This is one of them. My husband took it. Whatever.



The Bund, Shanghai 2014. Well this was me. I thought I was absolutely brilliant in capturing the reflection of the city via the water in the vase. I proceeded to take another 30 photos with the same concept and then used cheap filters for each 30 photos. No one else thought it was as magical as I initially imagined. Friends giggled sympathetically at my deranged and misplaced self aggrandising but you know… we need to get excited about life from time to time no matter how misplaced.



Candidasa, Bali 2016. Again, it’s more about the place and not the photographer. Hubby took this. I will however do a post on Bali on some of our best experiences (The blog world is jam packed with travel advice on Bali, we know, but I guess there’s a reason why – it’s so unique and full of niches).



Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. View outside the window. Is it not divine?



Villefranche Sur Mer, 2017. Nature’s good work. Hubby took it.




Terengganu, 2017. I mean… come on. Moody, atmospheric, arc of the waves, cloud formations, weave of the water. I obviously took it.




39441909_303283517104939_7441788592810098688_nTokyo, Japan 2018. In transit. He coined it a masterpiece. River to eternity. He took it.




Luang Prabang, Laos 2017. This is just colour-coordination heaven. LP was a storybook of vintage visuals. I took it.



Ubud, Bali 2016. You know… good object. Khalas. He took it.



Monte Carlo, Moncao 2017. I just really feel I need to be congratulated for this. I mean… is this not the ultimate seduction of a sorbet street?


OK – we’ll draw the line here. The next post under this category will be a little bit on homewares shopping in India and the delightful displays they have in my favourite shops in Mumbai.

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