Aesthetics – View from the Top

So the nomads amongst us are having itchy feet and longing to hit the skies again for another adventure to begin but God had other plans. I realised I had a dated collection of these aeroplane window shots, taken at a time when arriving at a new country was so deliciously exciting. Since developing a little bit of aviophobia, I tend to avoid looking out of the window. Still, these were nicer memories of what travel used to signify pre-Covid. Discovering the exotic.

Siem Reap
Arriving Siem Reap
A slow journey into Hanoi
Leaving Shanghai
Hong Kong
Approaching Hong Kong
Initial glimpses of Maldives

10 thoughts on “Aesthetics – View from the Top

  1. Hello dear, love these shots! They seem to taste of pure freedom and adventurous delight. In German there´s this saying “Vorfreude ist die schönste Freude” – which means something like “looking forward to something is where the biggest joy lies”. I am holding onto that:) Big hugs and enjoy your weekend! 💖

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    1. Hi my dear, thank you so much and I love this German saying – so profound and simple at the same time. Indeed, maybe this is where we all are right now – looking forward to something and hopefully finding joy in that! Big hugs and have a delightful week ahead!

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      1. Thank you lots, dear lookingforthehigherself! I am happy the saying served you. It just somehow crossed my mind when I took in your beautiful shots! Big hugs, enjoy the rest of your week:) 🤗🤗🤗

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