Reflections on Rejection

To be vulnerable, to offer yourself up for public judgment, and to be rejected by others for the very same reasons you reject yourself is a terribly uncomfortable place to be. A slap in the face? A push against the wall? A mirror facing moment where you have to admit to yourself that some shortcomings you hoped to hide are in fact visible? Whatever the metaphor, I have no doubt that rejection is a life-defining experience.

Rejection from others is life’s constant reminder for us to learn the power of self-validation. Public rejection has no impact on our sense of self if we have genuinely worked on a foundation of self-belief. To know that whether in success or failure, we are worthy of the space we inhabit. To appreciate that while we have space to grow, our defects do not diminish everything that we have progressed to become. For many, life has been a long search for self-worth. Some look for self-validation through their spouse, others through their work. Others pretend they are working on it alone, but deep inside, they are only able to love themselves through the gaze of others. Sometimes, public rejection is a necessary evil to wake up to an authentic journey of self-love. Life needs to take something from you, in order for you to dig inside your own internal reservoir.

It can be difficult to discern our growth as life adds day to day. How do we know if we have truly evolved or if we are repeating the same mistakes, just in another incarnation? They say that humans are addicted to the same patterns of behaviour and emotion, and indeed, for me, debilitating self-criticism has been a familiar companion as old as time. It has been a comforting form of harm, only because I knew it so well. But at every milestone in life, we ask ourselves if we want to shed our old ways and undergo a metamorphosis.  As we close this decade to open another one, perhaps it’s time for a sincere revolution…

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12 thoughts on “Reflections on Rejection

  1. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

    The above is probably one of my most favorite quotes.

    The minute we are born, even before birth and when we’re in our mother’s womb, we are worthy of the space we inhabit. The world is for everyone, and that’s what we are: citizens of the world.

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  2. What a wonderful reflection on rejection! Yes, rejection hurts A LOT but at the same time, it opens doors to new opportunities that we would not have had otherwise. I think that self-love and self-compassion is one of the fastest ways to healing from within. ❤

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