Travel Anecdotes – Kayra at Bangsar Village

Keralan dining 

Kayra just opened their new branch in Bangsar Village and it is pretty phenomenal. While I confess that so much of my adoration for Kayra is personal, look no further than these stellar reviews on food blogs  here, here, here and Tripadvisor reviews to know that there is a unanimous love for Kayra’s initial debut in TTDI by all who have dined there.

To start with the superficial, the Bangsar Village outlet radiates earthy vintage opulence. The textured brick accents, distressed walls of aqua shades, bamboo inserts on glass doors, and the signature Kayra mural depicting Keralan backwaters uplifts the diner with a sense of heritage.

Entrance at the First Floor of Bangsar Village I
Dining area
Atmospheric spot
Gorgeous lamps, brick walls



Backwater mural at the balcony

And now for Kayra’s culinary repertoire. I’ve dined at Kayra countless times and sampled a substantial variety of the menu. These are a list of my favourite dishes, mostly from the Short Eats and Small Plates section, and what I would recommend for all Kayra newbies.


Fry me up 2 ways



This is my go-to brunch meal. There is something so simple yet so deliciously satisfying about this spicy scrambled egg, multigrain roti and sambal combination. To gather the eggs within the fold of the roti, and dip it into the rich sambal with chicken pieces is my version of mid-morning heaven. Try this if you want solid comfort food that uses the best ingredients.


Chicken dosa taco 


The photo was taken from Kayra’s Instagram


This is my favourite light bite, and a typical Kayra invention which often combines a traditional recipe base (dosa) with an eclectic twist (taco wraps). The warm flesh of the chicken masala with fresh tomatoes and capsicum wrapped up in the thin tacos, are creatively served up in wooden panels. At the first bite, the delectable fusion gets you hooked. Try this if all you want is a fulfilling snack in the afternoon.


Chemeen Ada


Another creative twist to a Keralan classic. Ada is usually a sweet dish enveloped in a rice paste, but Kayra’ Cheemen Ada is a savoury offering. The steamed baby shrimp, banana leaves and rice paste all mingle together in harmony. It’s light in both content and quantity and whets your appetite to get through the rest of the menu.


Prawn Ulartiyath 


Succulent prawns cooked with spices, caramelised onions and sprinkles of coconut. This is a small plate treat for me. While the Dosa Tacos and Cheemin Ada are delightful light eats, the Prawn Ulartiyath is rich, dense and a dish you want to have as a flavoursome indulgence. Very much a beloved dinner choice.


Squid pera chamandi


Yet another mouth-watering concoction. Fried squid mixed with spicy coconut prawn powder. This was the first dish we had at Kayra Bangsar Village and we were blissfully taken by the unique mix of seafood with dry coconut. An unmissable part of a meze assortment.




Hands down, my favourite beverage in the house. It’s an exotic mix of all my favourite ingredients in a tall glass. Caramelised pineapple, lychee, and mint. I try to savour every sip and refrain myself from ordering four glasses in quick succession (I’m lucky if I keep it down to two glasses per meal).

Kayra Twist


It’s a hot day, you’re parched and looking for a littler energiser. Order the Kayra Twist. Cool, ice-blended mint and lime that refreshes your throat. While the Kochin relaxes you, the Kayra Twist wakens you up. Another beverage that doesn’t stop at one glass with me.

Final Words

Overall, Kayra’s Bangsar Village menu is an innovative interpretation of classic Keralan staples which not only tastes exquisite but is also one-of-a-kind. Each dish is presented with artisan flair, and the Kayra team are attentive, knowledgeable and passionate about offering a memorable culinary adventure to its patrons. For me, a week doesn’t feel right if I don’t drop by Kayra for a Kochin drink and a Dosa Taco before doing a spot of window shopping at Bangsar Village.

To catch up on Kayra’s latest updates check their IG page here

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    1. Haha yes it’s so delicious, please do try if ever you are in this part of the world. In London I heard many good reviews of Darjeeling Express on Carnaby Street. Have a gorgeous time in London and do share your experiences 😊


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